Alpha Racing re opening doors. Two sponsors already signed, multiple opening!

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by AlphaRD, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. AlphaRD


    Alpha Racing development is re opening its Southern California based factory in the US. Competed in the International Sim Racing League and held several constructors and drivers championships including the final Champ car based championship in the league. We plan on fielding two world trophy teams or a world trophy and world series team with an eventually goal of competing in the world championship within four years.

    We have acquired two sponsors already, a local microbrewery as well as a new aftermarket racing parts store.

    Current openings;
    Team Manager (2)
    Drivers (6)
    Chief Race Engineer
    Art Director

    Ideally these positions will become paid w/in four years, but thats all up to our level of competitiveness.

    Were trying to put this team into testing mode by the end of september.

    Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you about any openings, just send me a pm!
    C.J. Marin
    ARD- Technical Director
  2. Clayton Nelmes

    Clayton Nelmes

    sounds great good luck!
  3. Andreas Umminger

    Andreas Umminger

    Good luck!
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