Featured Alonso at it Again In Spain with First LMP2 Test Run Ahead of Daytona

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    Fernando Alonso continues his prototype odyssey in Aragon, taking to the wheel of the United Autosports Ligier JS P217 ahead of his Daytona 24 Hour debut early next year.

    Alonso would get his chance today in the LMP2 Ligier of United Autosports around the Motorland Aragon circuit in Spain, taking a rare chance to acquaint himself with his new car ahead of a tight schedule of testing prior to making his 24 hour race debut at the Rolex Daytona 24 Hour on January 27th.

    It has been a busy few days for the Spanish McLaren driver ahead of the season finale in Abu Dhabi this weekend, after spending time behind the wheel of the works Toyota LMP1 car in Bahrain on Monday and heading straight to Spain for his first run in his new Daytona office.

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    According to United Autosports Richard Dean, the double Formula One World Champion immediately got down to business on track, engaging in long runs and performance driving as he looks to get comfortable in the car prior to official Daytona testing beginning next year;

    "We’ve had a good first test with Fernando. We shouldn’t be surprised that it took him no time at all to get used to the car and the circuit having never driven here. He immediately got down to really competitive times and set to work understanding the car and doing long runs and race distance stuff – hugely impressive."
    Alonso would be in the car for 98 laps today in warm conditions, reportedly taking part in various programmes of activity aimed at making the driver comfortable with his new surroundings and testing performance on both longer and shorter run stints.

    “I had a great first test with United Autosports. Obviously, we are on a really tight schedule between now and Daytona, but it was nice to jump in the car for the first time. There’s quite a few switches and things to study so it was important to do this initial shakedown before Daytona, so I could fully learn about the car. I’m happy with everything – the car felt great and the team were fantastic. The atmosphere here is wonderful, like a big family, so today has been amazing. I cannot wait for Daytona.”

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    United Autosports would also give seat time to Alonso's Daytona team mate Phil Hansen and Filipe Albuquerque, both of whom would be taking the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the team ahead of a more sustained programme of testing prior to the pre main race 'Roar before the 24' test session early next year.

    Despite the team having been impressed with Alonso's performance, not times would be made available from the session.

    Alonso now heads off to Abu Dhabi for the season ending Formula One Grand Prix and it remains to be seen if the Spaniard will get another opportunity to drive the car before the Roar in January.

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    Excited to see Alonso in United Autosports colours? Looking forward to seeing him in Daytona? Would you like to see more F1 drivers sampling series outside of the sport? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Farrow_21


    I'm pretty excited it for sure gives me a reason not to miss this Daytona 24hr.
    It should be pretty valuable experience getting to race a LMP2 first, though I'm sure he could do just as well strait into a LMP1.
    I really hope Alonso keeps it up racing multiple series and going for the Triple Crown,
    So maybe it will convince other F1 drivers to try once they see Alonso having fun doing it.
    I think Vettel actually would do it given the opportunity since he does enjoy doing ROC.
    Maybe Daniel Ricciardo after he achieves his goals with F1.
    Would like to see what Hamilton could do but he's said he's not really interested outside of F1.
    I think he probably just wants to Win his championships then have a life outside racing which is understandable.
  3. ears


    My respect for the man continues to grow.
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  4. Rob Every

    Rob Every


    I think this man is doing more for motorsport right now the world over than anyone involved with the FIA has for decades.

    Arise Sir Nando!
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  5. Kasti


    Good to see a F1 driver with an open mind for other racing series and the courage just to do the things he wants to do. Perhaps he´s getting bored by the F1 nowadays(just like so many others) and is looking for a new and ultimate goal, the triple crown. There are many F1 champions... but the triple crown is so hard to get and for decades no one achieved it.

    Go for it and good luck to you Fernando Alonso.