ALMS Mod for GTR-Evo


In the World wide Web exist an ALMS.
deos anybody know something about this Mod?
How made/convert this Mod?
Its verry nice to drive but there are some Bucks inside, with some Cars you gets a Minidump.

Bram Hengeveld

The Endurance mod is exclusively available for rFactor at the moment. Its not really possible to do endurance racing in Evo
Bram, he never said it was Endurance Series he was talking about. It could be another sportscar mod... whether it's legal or not, of course, remains to be seen...
one time i found a mod with some prototypes, but i think that it wasn't legal....... btw the physics was really bad and it was only for the 80s and 90s cars!!! ;)
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