AIW trouble



AIW trouble (resolved)

Im having trouble with the waypoint editor,
It lays out the main path, but when I go to save, it says
"did not save, check file is not read only"

Ive gonE into windows and set all my track files to read/write but I still get the error...

Any ideas?

Stupid me :(
Under Vista you need to run AIW editor as admin...


rFactor crashes after editing AIW (Vista)

Does anyone experience other issues regarding Vista?

I have the problem that when I edit the AIW of a track exported from BTB, save it and start a race rFactor crashes all the time when loading the track.
The problem also occurs when I only load the AIW settings BTB generated and simply save without doing modifications. rFactor again crashes when it loads the track. When I load the original BTB track without saving it in AIW editor the track is loaded correctly...

BTB 0.7
rFactor 1.255
AIW editor 1.255

Any idea?
Thanks, Alex


Mar 25, 2009
Hi. I had the same problem with the AIW file ( read only error). I found out later that it actually saves the file but not the one generated with BTB but a temp.aiw file. Do your editing and keep saving, when you finish just rename the temp.aiw file to your track name.aiw and all is fine when you load up rfactor. It worked for me.

I am using XP pro SP3

Hope this helps


Mar 16, 2009
I do not want to create new thread about AIW so I'm writing here.
I have trouble with start. AI cars do not want to start correctly some of the cars always turn to the right immediatly after start, because the track that I'm creating has unusual start possition. Please look at picture:

The start possitions are on the left, but on the next laps racers has to drive through chicane on the right.
So my question is, how to solve this problem, how to make AI cars to start correctly and do not colidate into the tyres of chicane. The start procedure at the moment is so messy:)

Eric Tozer

Mar 16, 2009
It sounds like your corridors aren't set up correctly.
Corridors tell the cars where they can & can't drive.

Where is your picture???