AI with several overlapping open-ended tracks


Hi, everyone,

I am working on a street track for RFactor and I have come across a problem with the AI.

Instead of just creating a closed loop track I have made four or five open-ended ones so that the corners feel more realistic and you don't get the feeling of a rounded corner, but instead of a perfect intersection, as you would find in any city. I've moved the tracks really close together so that you only feel a tiny bump, and by placing textures correctly you can't even see the seam, especially when you're racing.

Now, the only problem I've found is that the AI don't know which way to go. I've created the centreline, but it doesn't know how to get out of the pits, and if I drive out and then hand over control to the AI it carries straight on until the end of the open-ended track instead of taking turns at the intersections.

I get the feeling this is a problem that somebody must have already addressed because it feels like something that would be very useful for BTB to do, so I would like to know where I'm going wrong.

Any ideas?

I experienced a similar issue with a roval Texas World Speedway. The road course is an opened ended track that merges with the Oval. What I ended up doing was using BTB to set all the pit, grid and garage and aux spots and then used the AIWEditor from ISI to do the center line, pitlane and fastline

R Soul

Another option is to create a closed loop track that follows the route of the real track, and use that to generate a good centreline and fastline, then remove the material of that track (via the Surfaces editor) so that it can't be seen.
This is an excellent solution if you plan ahead. After you've done considerable camber and track shaping modifications it can be more work than it's worth. The AIWEditor from ISI isn't that hard to use, but I'd much rather do all my AIW in BTB
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