GT Sport AI weirdness

I know the AI in this game in single player leaves a hell of a lot to be desired, the rubber banding is plainly pathetic, the catch me if you can then I go 5 seconds a lap faster when you lead even more so.

But I am sure there is some fairly devious and rather odd stuff going on aswell.

Was in the stupid Red Bull car doing the 5 race series in pro mode recently, have never been arsed to complete it as I have never liked these cars, but I thought chuff it let's try,

The long race on the French coastal track, cant be arsed with title, you know the one with the long back straight.

Usual thing, pack are follow my leader AI, rarely passing, blocking the road to make passes and the clean race bonus almost impossible to achieve, and I get to the front 2. Again usual thing, one blocker who usually relents to let alien AI boy through just as you catch them.

Manage to get past and the quick guy keeps up, you know you drop a fast lap, he drops one 2 seconds quicker.

Last lap, on straight, I get a great exit, draft him, pull out, and he just pulls away, I DRAFTED HIM and he pulls away, sorry guys but this is some devious crap, the cars are equal!
So determined are they to make the AI push you they give their cars less aero, more power etc? IS this really the level Kaz has got to to make a tired game harder?
If you make a custom race, you will see that there is a Boost option.That option has three possible values:
  1. Off
  2. Weak
  3. Strong
I have no idea which of these options is set when you race in Campaign Mode. I suspect that they use Strong which might explain the weirdness.
Here is the definition of the Boost option from the GT Sport Online Manual:
Set the strength of the boost function, which allows for a closer contest by increasing the speed of cars trailing behind.!/lobby/content03