AI Tweaking Help Request

Jun 22, 2015
I've just recently purchased this game and one thing I want to do before I dive into a full (custom) championship season is to get the AI performing to my liking; ie front runners usually up front and back markers usually near the back, with some variety to make things interesting. I've come across a couple problems that I'm hoping someone can help me with, hopefully I'm just making a mistake somewhere.

1. The talent files. After spending a good amount of time messing with the talent file ratings, it unfortunately seems like the only ratings that have ANY affect at all are aggression, to a small degree, and speed. Even then there's quite a bit of randomness that seems to be programmed into the performance, which isn't horrible, but changing any other talent rating anywhere from 1 to 99 seemed to have NO affect AT ALL other than speed and aggression. Is this correct?

2. AI Learning. Some tracks the AI line is terrible. So I decided to use AI learning in test sessions to fix that. The AI driver learned the preferred line, cut nearly 2 seconds off of his lap time in the process, and the learning file saved to his team folder. Perfect, right? Unfortunately not so much, as the driver doesn't seem to recognize the file. In race he once again uses the poor default line and is running the same old speeds that are 2 seconds slower. I even tried bringing him into the test session again and sure enough he started at the ~600 meters off of the preferred line as if he had never learned it. I tried closing and re-launching the game to see if that would help and it made no difference. Again, hopefully I'm doing something wrong here?