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MGP19 AI too fast on corner entry, but too slow on corner exit

Does anyone have this problem? I find it really annoying.
I brake as late as I can, but AI just sends it on the inside and swoops in much faster than me, like they're driving an F1 car. But then they are too slow exiting the corner so I overtake them back.
Also, when they go in so fast, they usually have to take evasive maneuver to avoid me, and end up in runoff area, ruining the wheel to wheel battle. It makes wheel to wheel racing not enjoyable since I know they will overtake me in the braking zone, and then I will regain my position on corner exit.
I love that they're sending it, but it seems like they are so artificially fast going into the corner, but then so artificially slow accelerating out of the corner.
I'm not good at this game, I play at 70 difficulty. Does this stuff happen in higher difficulty settings?
Happens on all difficulties as far as I'm aware, what's worse is, watch the replay after a race, in some of those corners where they're absolute demons on the brakes their front wheel is locked all the way till the Apex. Basically, their parameters for what should be possible seem to be loosely programmed. Last turn in Mugello their front wheels should tuck when they're locked the way they are.