DiRT Rally 2.0 AI in dirt rally 2??????

I may be completely off base but i think if you set the AI to the eaisiest level in any drivers game you should be able to drive sensibly and easily compete. In Dirt Rally 2 you cant. you have to drive like a madman to compete on any level. So if you are purchasing Dirt rally to compete,,, forget about it. Just run it to see if you can improve your own times and forget about the stupid AI. Dirt rally is nicer to drive. I just laugh and erase when i see the red numbers after a good drive. All racegames should be adjustable for the driver. not for some kid who just keeps his foot on the floor and drives like it is a computer game.

After a couple of weeks I still think the ai in this game is the most exaggerated i have ever seen , Just ran a short rally for 3 min and was a full 1 min behind with no mistakes. It is a good thing i pay little attention to the AI times or I would never play rally 2 again. it has excellant graphics and the cars handle well but the AI is out of this world. As i said previously, dont buy this to compete. Just for the nice drive.
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i agree ,i drove through 8 stages in elite and was third all of the sudden drove 9 and 10 with no mistakes or so i thaught and ended both in 17 and 22 ended up finnishing elite in 17th.wtf.time is messed up in this game