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Aerodynamic or mechanical grip first ?


Another WEC driver !
Hi simmers,

I passed over 1000 hours in AC trying to improve my driving skill and my experience. Actually, I cannot drive faster.

I never change car setup excepted wings, tyre presure and fuel load.

I try to improve my best laps. I need modify aerodynamic settings or mechanical settings first ? In another words, I need setup springs/dampers first and then wings or I need starting with wings first?

Thanks and sorry for my very poor english level :/
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That depends entirely on the track and what the issue is you are having. Maybe you think you can get away with a stiffer car and a lowered suspension on this modern smooth track so you drop it a little and tighten the springs, but that changes the aerodynamic balance a bit on the high speeds so you have to adjust the wing. It is interconnected so you can't just adjust mechnical without impact on aero.

My advice (for what it isn't worth as I am far from a setup expert) is to learn the signs of a setup being wrong, like oversteer in high speed corner being wing balance and requiring more on the rear or less on the front and then adjusting those. Then you'll get the performance trade off stuff like dampers and springs where you want optimal low but dependent on track bumps and you try to find a good middle ground and then adjust balance back to as neutral as you can.