Addressed to the author: Would it be ok to implement SimHub dashboards in a real car?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Raul Cortes, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Raul Cortes

    Raul Cortes


    A colleague of mine introduced me to your really nice software for car simulators. I do kind of the contrary, I develop electronic dashboard and collect data from arduinos from actual cars. Here is my really outdated blog, but the idea is there.

    All is done from scratch by myself, software, hardware and industrial design.

    I've been checking and this community is pretty amazing... I've been digging a bit and having your HTML5 dashboard reading data from a nodejs server seems doable, which is what I use to centralize all the car data.

    I'm currently working on a production version of the prototype you can see in my videos for limited production, a drop in replacement by the moment for the MX5, I want to expand to more vehicles though.

    Here is the question... Would you be OK if I make my dashboard compatible with your dashboard descriptor so my customers can use your community's templates and your software to modify the design?

    Congrats for the work and keep pushing.

    All the best!!!
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