acServerManager not working on Dedi Win Server R2008

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Craig Whitmore, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. Craig Whitmore

    Craig Whitmore

    We are running an AC server on a Windows Server R2008 hosted dedicated server. When executing the acServerManager.exe to access the config with a UI, it fails to boot, giving an error. Without this tool, setting up a session has to be done via text files.

    As the server is hosted and we all use our own steam accounts to play the game, we are too reluctant to purchase the game in order to gain access to a working version of acServerManager.exe, found within the game directory, not the dedicated server tool directory.

    We do have the option of a generic steam account, where we can download the Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server from within tools, however, the version located in this directory does not work, giving an error "Can't find "AssettoCorsa.exe" in the parent folder!".

    Many hours have been spent zipping/uploading & copying files from various peoples account onto the server, both for the contents of the steam game and the steam tool, while trying different variations of directory combination etc with no success, forcing us to use a text file interface, which I have literally, no time for.

    Without a GUI interface for running a dedicated server, we are hesitant about hosting races for Assetto Corsa.

    Please assist.

  2. Jempy


    1) One of the option is using your own Steam Account with your own AC game.
    This is allowed by Steam as long as only one of them is used at a time.

    When preparing a server, you don't need your Steam working.
    So, at that moment, you may do what you need with Steam on your remote server.

    In case of using mods and addon tracks on your remote server, AC Server Manager won't need everything for all those cars and tracks, just some files of them.

    If you intend to use this possibility, I'll inform you of what's the minimum needed for those mods and tracks.

    2) Second option, build your server package on your own PC with your own game and AC Server Manager, zip it to make it lighter, copy and paste where you wish on the remote server.
    Or slower, upload it and download it from your remote server.

    3) For quick and little changes, as only change a track or time of day or sessions times ... just modify your text files.
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  3. Craig Whitmore

    Craig Whitmore

    Thank you kindly for the reply.

    I have resorted to using my own account for steam on the server, the server manager in the game dir works mostly, but not fully. When I install a new mod into the games' content dir and select 'Update Server Content', it does not work, neither does copying the mod to the server content directory or copying to both.

    If I selelct "Start Server" there is no info in the cmd dialogue, so I Save the settings and run "acServer.exe" from the server dir, this does not work, as it picks up the wrong settings, using those settings previously set when Server Manager ->"Start Server" was used. I can run it several times and each time, does not pick up settings which I made with the manager.

    In my opinion, if there is a Tool for running a server, which there is, it should work straight out of the tin and should be easy to use, without all the convoluted steps in order to make it work.
  4. Radu Oros

    Radu Oros

  5. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 Premium

    What I do for RD is quite simple, I create my files locally (server.cfg and entry_list.cfg), then upload them to the server in the correct spot (/<acserverfolder>/cfg), saves me from messing around on the server with programs that may or may not work. Run the acServer.exe or .bat and done.
  6. Peevee88


    Wrong thread
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  7. mrvice2k


    You go to your installation directory of assetto open folder
    server open the server manager and press update content button.

    After the update is finished close the server manager.

    Copy the whole server folder on the pc where you want the server to be.
    You cannot access the server manager on the pc cause it will give an error assetto.exe not found in parent folder.

    You have to open the server manager on the pc where assetto is installed and make the config there , and then copy the config over to the pc where you want the assetto server to be running.
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