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ACC Server 1.5.8 & Wine

So, I've been running a server on a VPS under Wine 4 for about 18 months, and until yesterday's update all was fine. After the update time progression stopped moving - at first I thought it was some wierdness with the new weather, but it turned out it was fine under windows, so I switched to WineHQ 5.0 & time started progressing again.

However... the server still has a lot of wierd behavior -times & chat messages aren't registering until a client quits, drivers aren't registering as being on the track, just bizarre things. Everything else that makes up a server is working better than before.

So - is anyone running 1.5.8 under Wine & what versions of everything are you using? this is just straight WineHQ 5.0, set to Windows 7, and vcrun2017 added. As far as I remember it doesn't need any other DLLs, so I'm guessing it's an actual issue with Wine.
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