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ACC doesn't load session with wheel connected

if I connect my wheel to the pc and I launch a session in ACC it gives me black screen. if I disconnect the wheel then everything works.
I tried a fresh reinstall but the problem is still here.
it is indeed an annoying problem, but to try to help you we would have to know your hardware specifications.

Do not hesitate to go to the official forum in the appropriate section, https: //www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php? Forums / acc-controls-peripherals.79 / in order to see if such a problem has already occurred. been listed
i play on my laptop, I7-8565U, 16 gb of RAM, GTX 1050Ti. my wheel is a Microsoft Side Wider force Feedback wheel. quite old but works perfectly fine in AC and this summer also in ACC, so I don't know what happened
After the successive update certain adjustments were made.
In the game control options try to change the refresh rate of your device to 111 Hz.
But I can't promise you that it will work.
Also try: "forceFeedbackIntervalSteps": 0
in Document / Assetto Corsa Competizione / Config/control.json
it seems that Stephano (Lord Kunos) had mentioned some problem with this model of steering wheel.
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Reviving this from the dead.
I need some help. ACC freezes on the black ACC screen before the pit screen every time I load a track. Up to date true drive, ascher button box and reinstalled ACC. It works with the controller just fine.