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AC not recognizing T500RS shifter Handbrake Axis

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Sk3ptik0n, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Sk3ptik0n


    I finally acquired the last piece I needed for my rig: A DSD sequential shifter, so now I have:

    T500 Thrustmaster wheel W/custom Logitech G25 pedals
    T500RS Hpattern shifter
    DSD Sequential shifter
    DSD Button box

    To celebrate my new sequential shifter and my incredible cleverness in setting it up on my Obutto rig (so that I can quickly move the DSD shifter aside and move the T500RS in its place OR have the DSD in place and use the T500 as a handbrake)

    I decided to drive a car in AC with the sequential shifter and use the T500RS as a handbrake to see if I can drift better with a analog handbrake.
    I make sure in the T500RS Control Panel that it is set to Hanbrake axis, I go to AC and I click on Handbrake so I can map it.

    No dice.

    I can map any button on the handbrake, but not this axis control.
    No matter what I tried, nothing worked.

    AC sees the axis just fine. In the T500RS diagram at the bottom left, when I move the Handbrake on the T500RS the slider works just fine, but it won't register in the mapping screen at all.

    Has anyone else managed to map an axis to the AC handbrake or is it something that still needs to be fixed? Should I report it as a bug?
  2. Stereo


    It's been reported on the AC forum and they're just leaving a handbrake axis for later.
  3. Sk3ptik0n


    OK, well, that's too bad. Actually I hate drifting so I really don't care that much, but my daughter loves it. Considering that she has hated my Simracing her entire life and now she is obsessed about drifting the AC cars in the drifting track, I was trying to make her experience as nice as possible.

    She even had to admit that racing is fun and tonight she spent more time racing at Monza than she did at the drift track.

    Thank you so much for the reply. I probably should have googled it first, but I honestly thought it was something wrong I was doing.
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  4. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris

    how are you finding that dsd seq by the way?
    any good
    and why did you not use the seq on the th8rs?

  5. Blkout


    Likely because its a slight pain in the butt to change from H-pattern to sequential on the TH8RS. You not only have to change plates on the shifter but you also have to rotate it 90 degrees.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2014
  6. Sk3ptik0n


    HAAARG!!! I wrote a long response to the questions above, then I must have hit the wrong key and I refreshed the frigging page.

    In short:

    1) The DSD is very good but a bit stiff. It's built as if it was supposed to shift a Russian tank during the entire siege of Stalingrad and then go to the Pacific theater and with WW2 for the US.

    It's a bit stiff and so far I have not found a good mounting system. It's attached to the Obutto plexy table and each time I shift my screens and my wheel vibrate. I half expect to look out of my window and see a few roof tiles fall to the ground. But I should be able to reduce that problem attaching it to the seat.

    2) The T500RS is indeed a pain to convert. The little switch that is supposed to recognize the mode it is in broke in less than a week. Also I don't understand why they didn't add a way to just add a plate on top of the H-pattern one, secure it with a couple of butterfly screws and make the unit rotate with some sort of push and release system. You have to take the frigging thing apart, but I designed a system that would work great and would only require a slight mod of the shifter. But I found the DSD at a great price before I could get that working.
  7. Nobby76


    sorry if this is a little off topic.. and possibly sounds a little snarky (its not meant to)

    You said you wanted the best experience for your daughter, when drifting.. Teach her that she doesnt need to use the handbrake to drift ;)

    Im sure you know there is a difference between powering out of a hand brake slide and drifting. One you lock the wheels to initiate a slide, the other you use the cars power to initiate a slide. On a RWD car it should be easy enough, take off traction control (you can leave ABS on) and give yourself the most slippy tyres available. and when you come to a corner, turn in a little and just give the throttle a punch, to power up and spin the rear wheels, then just apply enough power to keep the wheels spinning, the rest is controlled by opposite lock..

    Best car to practise this method IMHO has to be the BMW E30 D, its so easy to make the back end come out (so you crab sideways) but also easy to keep the car from spinning out. If you are using auto gears for the drifting its even easier, you can approach a corner in second or third, turn in as you would normally and just floor the throttle, as long as the wheels are spinning it wont change gear on you and you adjust the wheel lock to say how far you want the back end to stick out, just keep spinning those wheels until you are out of the corner, then ease of the gas a little to regain traction on the straight. If you are using opposite lock and want to suddenly change direction, quickly let off the gas and then pop it again, that causes a quick spot of grip, which causes the back end to flick sideways, then you apply the gas again to make the wheels spin again.

    Kinda like this.. (but hopefully better than me lol)

    Like i said before, its not meant to sound snarky or preachy, just a little info, on a subject you mentioned. If you can teach her to drift with the throttle, then the handbrake issue (which doesnt bother you as you dont do drifting) also shouldnt effect your daughter. Plus it will be a more accurate way of doing drifting, you have a lot more control over the car this way compared to popping the handbrake.

    Hope she has fun learning, once you get it right, it feels awesome :thumbsup: