AC multiplayer graphs problem

Nuno Rodrigues

hi, sorry about my english. Imm going to try to explain my problem.
My multiplayer AC was running very well, no problems there. Yesterday i do some practice in a private server for a later race. Everything going well.
Then i go out and when i came back and got in AC multiplayer again, the game is not running proparlly. The image is not fluid looking like if i have a very bad internet wich i dont, and i repeat it was perfectly good 1 hour earlier.
Today i tryied again. I tried other servers. It still does the same. I tried offline and that way is good as always was.
Please can anyone help me? I didnt do anything on video settings....


I had maybe a similar issue to that a little while ago. Try Validating Files but also try uninstalling you graphics drives as well as using the Display Driver Uninstaller . This is what fixed my issue as old reminisce of display drives where fighting it out with each other.
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