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F1 2013 About Career

F1 2013 The Game (Codemasters)
I did run 5 championship and at the end of the fifth I did'nt receive any offering but all teams were unblocked so that I could choose the one I wanted
Wht happens? Did i finish the carrer ? And to start it again what I have to do.

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
Yes, you're at the end of your career. A career is 5 years in this game, I think F1 2012 was 7 years.

So you either play on, doing what you want for whatever team you want, or start again.

You could start again and choose a different career route, trying out different teams on your way up.

You could also step up the AI level if you are at a lower level, and switch off any aids like traction control, ABS etc. (if used) to make the game more challenging.

Cheers :)

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
Sorry, I don't know because I have not completed five seasons, one was enough for me :)

I would guess that you will have to do the young drivers test again, because the results of the test controls what teams are available to you