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Abarth500 TributoFerrari FullPack(x5)

Skins Abarth500 TributoFerrari FullPack(x5) 1.4

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Nov 24, 2014
B1gy submitted a new resource:

Abarth500 TributoFerrari FullPack(x5) - The 4 official TributoFerrari liveries, plus 1 bonus - VERY DETAILED -

View attachment 73016 View attachment 73005 Latest creation;
The fourth official liveries Tributo Ferrari plus White Bonus.

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I tried to be as true to the original.
So in addition to the livery, you'll find the instrument panel, steering wheel inserts, badges, bumper grills, cloth seats and carpets as close as possible to the original.

And of course helmets, suits, gloves and crew customized.

Unique details that do not respect the official are the brake calipers...
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