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Abarth500 TributoFerrari FullPack(x5) 1.4

The 4 official TributoFerrari liveries, plus 1 bonus - HIGH DETAILED -

  1. B1gy
    Latest creation;
    The fourth official liveries Tributo Ferrari plus White Bonus.


    I tried to be as true to the original.
    So in addition to the livery, you'll find the instrument panel, steering wheel inserts, badges, carbon insert, bumper grills, cloth seats and carpets as close as possible to the original.

    And of course helmets, suits, gloves and crew customized.

    Unique details that do not respect the official are the brake calipers (the yellow ones are not able to understand how to paint them) the dashboard carbon (also using the pattern is always gray) and obviously the rims (although I tried to make them similar with hubcaps dedicated and edited color)

    2014-11-21_00002.jpg 2014-11-21_00011.jpg 2014-11-21_00012.jpg 2014-11-21_00019.jpg 2014-11-21_00016.jpg 2014-11-21_00022.jpg 2014-11-21_00023.jpg 2014-11-21_00024.jpg 2014-11-21_00034.jpg
    But I think the end result is not unpleasant.
    PlayAbout ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. Danny Walker
    Danny Walker
    Version: 1.1
    Thank You for these Fine Looking skin's. Great Work...............=)
  2. Edouard 25
    Edouard 25
    Version: 1.0
    Very good quality :)
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