A small question


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Oct 12, 2010
I would really like some help with this, but atm I can't figure out how to proceed.
I would like to use a CAR from MOD A to be used in MOD B.

At first I thought it was just as simple as copy the car's folder and paste it into folder that I want the car to be used in. And that the game would read said content of that folder and the car would show up.
But yeah, that didn't worked. Somehow I already knew that, but I did it anyway, just to rule it out.

I guess, I have to edit a specific file, similar to .aud files (for example if you wanna make a Corvette sound like a Ferrari, and vice versa, you must specify the desired file path for the sound) so my question is, which file do I need to open up to tell GTR2 that I want to use a car from another mod?

I hope you understand what I mean.