A possible sub 300 pound pc upgrade route


Russell Dent

Hi ppl

Im currently looking into upgrading my pc after may and my holiday, but im thinking about going for a Intel I3 chip, but im not sure yet.

My current pc spec is

A intel Q8200 quad core 2.4gig cpu
A Antec 1200 gamer case
A gigabyte 880w psu
6 Gigs of ddr 2 Ram
Asus P5Q motherboard
1 tb Sasung hard drive
Gtx 260 896mb on board

I was thinking about this package:-

but i cud afford to buy the parts single each wage package i get, i cud get one part.

But my question is this I cnt really understand wat benifit the I3 or the I5 processer has over my quad core processer , so bascilly is it worth me upgrading, also i want to stay with asus motherboards i ave never had any problems with them, and they are easy to overclock aswell.

My max Budget is £350 any help is much apricated thank you.
Oct 2, 2009
Looks ok I guess, one problem I did see is your warranty is void if you update your bios which is a bit poor in my oponion but if thats your budget maybe thats best for now, personally id go for future option and save for the i7.
Feb 19, 2007
Are you willing to see the old parts? If you are, then you can get some extra money and buy the core i5
in terms of performance, the core i5 are performance wise better than the core i3
(but core i3 uses less energy), in the end it is up to you ;)

Russell Dent

Hmm intresting points thank you, i will be looking to sell my old parts for around 150 quid yes an dok i will say up for the I5 but i wud overclock the I3 anyway.