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A few questions about BTB Evo


Alex Ramsey

Hello BTB users,

I recently bought BTB EVO and I absolutely think its fantastic!

I have a few questions though, so lets have a look.

1. Whats the deal with the timing gates and their description as far as GTR2 goes. I'd like to see some confusion cleared up about these in EVO.

2. How can I import Google Earth data?

3. How can I add the little gear/turn notifications to my track so beginners can easily use my track without missing any turns?

4. "Race 07 Track folder does not exost" Yes exist is spelled wrong in the program. I made the Race 07 track folder as shown below:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\alexramseyiscool\race 07\gamedata\locations\

And pointed BTB to the root Race 07 folder yet I continually get the error.


It works when I export the track FIRST and THEN add the HAT file.

Please add this instruction to the error message and fix the typo for new users.

5. I have figured out how to make the rumble strips actually rumble but how can I make tires less like a brick wall?

6. Where can I get more expansion packs. I would like to add my own grand stands and buildings but dont have the skills or software to make them myself.

I know this is a tall order but I would appreciate the help!

Alex Ramsey

I've looked through it and most of it has not been updated for EVO.