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Misc 5 Additional Tracks 2.0

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Matt Drummond submitted a new resource:

Enable Nurburgring In Grand-Prix - Allows you to race at Nurburgring in Grand-Prix mode

Steps to install:
1. Backup
2. Unzip
3. Go to F1 2014 game directory and copy the folders to there
4. Enjoy

-This mod adds the Nurburgring track to the Grand-Prix mode.
-The only files I made a change to is database.bin and b_nonpersistent.pssg, the rest is additional.
-If you do not want to use my database: using Ego database editor go to track_model and in the Nurburgring row, enable "show in track select menu" and save.
-The new database did not corrupt my save profile
-If there are...

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And I know how to add India, Korea, Bahran day race, Istanbul, Valencia and classic tracks from 2013 2012 and 2011 (Like I did in my mod for F1 2013: all new tracks from 2014 alrady works in the one).
You need to make new raws in database track model and some others tables for this. Try find the solution. Good luck!
Just some help - dont download all mod, but U can see the file structure in track folder and take database.bin. It can help to understand new track incerting. See here:
sorry, not english site and mod localisation
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every year the same possibilities, just check if the A.I. can handle the tracks
last year (was it Nürburgring?) the racing line for the A.I. was messed up on some corners, so without adjusted braking points etc. it was not seriously usable for GP races

Lesley Buurlage

CEO Northern Lions Esports simracing department
i downloaded it, but when i tried it i just get an endless loading screen. so how did you got it working? i tried the same with korea and got the same issue
Thanks dude, this is awesome. I guess it's sage to say we will get all the tracks from 2013 that are not in 2014, what about missing tracks from 2012 ? Valencia comes to mind, is there any other tracks from 2010, 2011 and 2012 that aren't in 2014 ?

thanks for the 5 track pack for f1 2014

as I can edit the file to correct this language_spa.lng word problem?

your modified and update your langage_eng.lng but I use the game in Spanish and I get this:


thank you


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You have to edit the spanish language file with Ryder's language file editor. You need to add the entries for those circuits as they don't exist.
Exelent work,thanks soooo much.
Please try to add the tracks of Imola form F1 2013, Valencia from F1 2012 and Istanbul from F1 2011. ;)


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Exelent work,thanks soooo much.
Please try to add the tracks of Imola form F1 2013, Valencia from F1 2012 and Istanbul from F1 2011. ;)
Imola is not possible (same for Estoril btw.). It's an DLC track from 2013. You can't touch it legally.
Excellent! Thank you.:thumbsup:

I have them in my game now and I can add them into a season or race on them individually in GP mode, but I haven't tested any of the tracks yet to see if they are working correctly.