3rd spring help

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by matt varley, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. matt varley

    matt varley

    Hello all, thank in advance for any help, and i appreciate any help i get.

    im in a league and use the WCP mod, im ok with setups, ad struggle with the 3rd spring. at the moment i just set the spring to the hardest setting, and the damper settings to 1, because i dont know much about it. but i have a theory.

    the 3rd spring helps with longitudanal forces and normal springs and dampers help with lateral forces.
    my theory is, with the 3rd spring setup right, i could then have a lower ride height, which then would have a lower center of gravity, therefore better cornering abilities. i then could have the normal spring and dampers softer to increase grip. which i then could lower the wings, to have a better top speed, and have good cornering.

    well thats my theory, but cant seem to prove it out on the track, am i missing somethin or got it completly wrong?

    how could i get a major advantage from the 3rd spring.

    thanks again.
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