2023 Ferrari Concept [Modular Mod] PATCH 1.15 COMPATIBILITY

Skins 2023 Ferrari Concept [Modular Mod] PATCH 1.15 COMPATIBILITY 1.0

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Shoya_525 submitted a new resource:

2023 Ferrari Concept - RedBull Chassi

I was wondering what a Ferrari with the Red Bull Aero design would look like. This is how the mod was born.
It's the old 3D model from RedBull. Before SportsUpdate 1.15.

Actually, I wanted to exchange the 3D model of the Ferrari with the 3D model of the RedBull. I didn't manage this. Maybe someone else can finish it.

If you install the mod now, the RedBull will become a "Ferrari".
I didn't want my time investment to go to waste. That's why I'm publishing it.

Have fun with. It still has a...

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question, could you make a livery with the redbull chassis in mercedes?, I have the files but I don't know how to make a livery
I can try it. But with the original chassis, the livery options are limited. I'm afraid it will be difficult to transfer part of the Mercedes livery with the stars to the RedBull chassis. I had thought of the idea myself. A Mercedes with RedBull chassis.
It could be easier on the Renault Chassi. With the Mercedes livery.

But don't expect the livery to be ready tomorrow. May be tomorrow or days, weeks. I do it when I have time and desire.
Hi, I think the renault chassis is not bad. I think it would look even better, no problem with the time it takes, I know it will look great on you, thanks