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MGP20 2020 Season Update Released.

PS4 1.08 – XBOX ONE – PC
Discover the 2020 MotoGP models and liveries. The update includes some new or updated models, like the Aprilia RS-GP or the KTM RC16, and new liveries for bikes, rider suits and helmets, like the Pramac Racing team, Reale Avintia team and many others.

We have updated also the MotoGP
physics following many of your feedbacks, making traction smoother, particularly with high TCS values, tweaked the braking and cornering phases to achieve a more flowing riding style, and slowed down lap times for even greater realism. This implies to wipe the MotoGP class leaderboards. We have also addressed several AI and fuel issues and tweaked the pad vibration to make it stronger.


i'm updating the game tommorow..but only if they contain the new honda model.....is it updated?
It's not updated, but it's normal: nobody knows if Honda will race with the new bike or with 2019 bike. In Qatar test they raced with 2019 one.