2019 championship first race monza wet

At practice session 2 , race engineer suggests to change tires from wet to slick. There is logic in this advice since wet was showing orange-red at 34.0-35.0 psi.
The problem is when i change to dry , psi drops to 23-24 and tiers are blue, cant race in this condition!

what should i do?
* keep wet? and how to maintain ideal 30.0 psi through the race?
* change to dry? and how to maintain ideal 27.0 psi?
* if changed to dry do you change the whole setup or only the tiers?

please your advice to overcome this obstacle...
When you pit for dry tyres, increase the tyre pressures before entering the pits to get optimal dry tyre pressure. You cannot change setup in race, but tyre pressure can be adjusted