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2015 Youtube Views

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Mar 15, 2011
I thought it might be nice to track the Youtube Views stats from time to time as a little barometer of public interest.
I will ocasionally put them here.

Bear in mind that the 2014 videos have had a year to get views and the 2015 ones are increasing daily by up to 250-300 views so its just a snapshot as at 19th April.

Round 1 Total 2014, 8,836 Total 2015 9,218 Variance +4.323% Individual Variance WC-24.996, Ace
+86.500%, Pro + 30.632%
Round 2 Total 2014 5637 Total 2015 6124 Variance +8.639% WC -22.908 Ace +105.473%, Pro +29.073%

Generally positive.
Massive increase in Ace of 90%
Significant Increase in pro of 30%
WC down 22% but views are increasing daily so will prob hit 2014 levels within 10 days.

Ron Squire

May 20, 2012
that is good stats...I thought there was someone to do highlights......just saying...

John-Eric Saxén

Jan 31, 2010
I think more relevant stat is the live peak viewcount. Because these accumulated views is a lot of "accidental" views I think. Most those views basically come from someone seeing our video in the YouTube "suggested video" box, which behaves somewhat random. This explains for example why Monaco 2010 highlights has 45k views, no FSR video is even near that.

Also most of those accumulated viewers just watch for a few seconds or minute before closing it, I've seen the stats. The live peak viewcount is more accurate about the dedicated viewers that really follow us. It has been around same as last year so far.

Sam Jones

Aug 6, 2012
Just to add more stats to this for the Live Broadcasts:-

Total Viewing Time (2015 - 2014)
Round 1
ACE 22.14% Increase
PRO 27.1% Increase
WC 15.6% Increase

Round 2
ACE 22.49% Increase
PRO 10.34% Increase
WC 16.63% Decrease

Peak Views (2015 - 2014)

Round 1
ACE 20.39% Increase
PRO 27.13% Increase
WC 36.17% Increase

Round 2
ACE 45.45% Increase
PRO 2.7% Increase
WC 15.49% Decrease

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Mar 15, 2011
I accept the points made regarding live views. However I will continue to monitor these stats as the random short views are possibly just as prevalent in the 2014 numbers.

Across the 3 rounds we see the viewing averages as
Total Views +24%
WC -8%
Ace + 102%
Pro + 57%

2015 Round 1 Melb (all Leagues) has now exceeded 10,000 views. (2014 was 8836 and the highest of all rounds in 2014. People must like Melb. I always found the people a bit conservative and the weather a bit changeable).
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David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Mar 15, 2011
Total views to round 6, 40,583. Increase of 34.5%

Biggest round for total number of views. Melbourne.2014 = 8,836 2015 =12,129 37% increase.

Average Views per series:
WC 2014 3116 2015 3327 6.7% increase.
Ace2014 1176 2015 1789 52% increase
Pro 2014 1076 2015 1648 53% increase
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Jul 15, 2012
In quick google search I found that a typical € per 1k views is around 2. So if we get 100k views in a season, that's 200€, which is something. Also quick 2 min race highlights that would get spread out in social networks would get more views. But I'm sure this had to be discussed somewhere behind the scenes already? I missed any discussions on that...