2015 RD Touring Car Championship (Stock Car Extreme)

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Andrew Harper

Dec 1, 2014
Just a quick post to everyone at RD for their organisation and work in setting this all up. Very professional and superbly done.

I would like to say it's been good fun but I've been a total failure in these cars, tried my best anyway.

Oddly this race was the only one I felt the car was working with me rather than trying to kill me all the time! :confused:

Too many mistakes and just not quick enough.

Well done to my team mate Craig. I know he had a tough final round but he's mastered these cars like a true pro and I'm sure a championship is on the way mate.

Nice racing with you all and see you in something else soon (although not in the Super V8's as I suffer even more in those!)


Jul 22, 2015
Big thank you to the admins. Server 2 was quiet for the last race with only 5 drivers. Shame as it was the best race for me out of them all! Myself and @Franklin Stegink had a good fight on race 1 although once Franklin passed me he pulled out a 5 sec lead by the end of the race.

Race 2 thought that was incredible. @David Cuthill held the lead for a number of laps but eventually I managed to catch up. Couldn't get past him for a while but eventually got a good run on the start / finish straight. After a few more laps Franklin caught up with me again and lap after lap I had to defend against Franklin. Eventually he found a way past but this time I managed to keep with him and we swapped places several times. I lost count the number of times we were side by side into turns 1 and 2 and all with no contact except the very occasional rub. Very respectful racing and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Well done Franklin for the double win. I'm happy with my double 2nd :D

Well done to everyone who raced on server 2 tonight. Hope you all had some fun.

Here is a link to the log analysis for qualifying, race 1 and race 2. The qualy results is missing some detail as I had to leave and rejoin the server half way through due to a problem with my wheel.
http://simresults.net/151205-H9l I might see if I can put up a video of race 2. Not done that before!
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SpeedyMite Racing
Sep 26, 2009
Franklin and you were both so enthusiastic in the live stream that I hope you'll manage to put up a vid, we want to see this epic fight! Lots of good battles in server 1 too, some of you must be exhausted! Very nice to watch. Thanks to RD for these nice races and for the broadcast: I would not think it could be so fun to watch! :thumbsup:


Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #85
Apr 9, 2014
Thanks alot to all staf for their hard work throughout and also to the drivers i had fun thoughout although frustrating at times i learned alot. I dont know weather or not its a bug with the latest patch but my wheel seems to lose alot of input in race 2 no matter what track and only happens on gse. Thanks again :)

Thomas Hinss

Aussie Commentator and Writer
Sep 15, 2014
Well certainly a very entertaining way to finish the season, had it all really :D

Big congratulations to @Oscar Hardwick and Smile Power racing for the championships, superb stuff :) Also a big thanks to @R.J. O'Connell and @Davy Vandevenne for the efforts with the broadcasts, really happy with how they turned out and super pumped for season 10 in the mighty V8's!

Lastly just want to thank RD for allowing me the privilege of commentating on RDTCC, it's been a lot of fun to be able to commentate on such a fantastic series :)

Davy Vandevenne

Executive Producer Video Content
Nov 20, 2010
Round 6 Tarumã
Official results: here
Official standings: here

Use the sidebar menu to navigate through various stats and figures
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Craig Patteson

Natural Born Racer Racer in Pyjamas
Dec 12, 2014
well P3 in the league and p3 in the constructor's hasn't been a bad season did far better then I expected a race win a podium just a shame the last race had to bite me in the ass race 1 just too many mistakes costing me a podium finish and race 2 less said the better wanna thank @Bram for organizing this league @Davy Vandevenne for the skins and camera skills @Thomas Hinss @R.J. O'Connell for the awesome commentary maybe one day we can do these cars again and maybe I will be quick enough to fight for the championship (and maybe R.J will like my paint job not ones I do for other drivers ;))

Paul Joseph

The Mighty Forth - Manager (Steam: paul.joseph)
Mar 19, 2009
First of all, many congratulations to Oscar for the drivers title and 5th Smile Power for the teams championship, both very well deserved. :)

It was an amazing night for The Mighty Forth as we not only secured 2nd place in the team championship, completely obliterating our expectations for the season, but my team mate Paul Watkins scored a fantastic and dominant win in race 2 to give the team its first ever win anywhere! :thumbsup: Our satellite team TMF also crept into the top ten so a big thanks to Mark and Jonathan for driving for us this season. Mark and Paul both finished inside the top ten in the drivers championship, so many congratulations to them!

I had a modest evening in contrast (as usual) :redface: but thankfully our consistency throughout the season has kept us in the hunt up until the end.

Finally, I'd like to thank all the team at Race Department for organising another exciting championship and hopefully we'll be back in some capacity for season 10.

Paul Watkins

The Mighty Forth Team
Mar 13, 2009
Well done to @Oscar Hardwick on winning the Drivers Championship and 5th Smile Power for the Teams Championship.

The usual thanks to @Bram and @Davy Vandevenne for running the league and all the time they put into it etc.

Thanks to @Thomas Hinss @R.J. O'Connell for the great coverage of the races.

Strange happenings for me in race1 when under braking for turn 4 the left corner, the car lunged to the right. (Never happened all the time I practiced so I doubt I could repeat what happened). Tamas Pazsy couldn't avoid me and sent me to the fence and pole position for race 2. ;) Had my first league win for quite a while in the last race of the series, probably about 7 years thinking about it! Reverse Grid win I know but it was still a nice way to end the series for me.:)

Had great fun racing for The Mighty Forth Team and hopefully will race with them again in the near future. Great bunch of lads.;)

Cheers all.


Simracing is my antidepressant
May 15, 2015
A big thanks to @Bram , @Davy Vandevenne , @Thomas Hinss ,@R.J. O'Connell and all the racers for making the League a succes !!
Congrats to @Oscar Hardwick , a well deserved Championship and also 5th Dimension Smile Power racing for the teams championship .
Finally thanks to my team mate @Brezeanu Adrian !!! we are 4th in the teams standings !!! :D

i am not too comfortable with FWD cars , and the beginning of the season was a struggle for me , but i think i improved a little bit towards 2nd half of the season.
i was very happy with a front row quali , but my start was bad and lost several places , but i came back strong towards the second half and had battles with Patteson , Bonder, Bell , Nillson , Kacper ,which was very clean and fair , i ended up 4th which was my best result .
Race 2 was all about wreck avoidance yet again , but unfortunately was not able to dodge all the cars and had to run with a damaged car to the end, towards the end i nudged Polanco off the track,i apologize for that ,but i immediately slowed down and gave back the position , , finished 12th..... ill see you all soon hopefully !!! cheers :)
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Arne Dopudja

Leader of the infamous Chevy Gang.
Jul 26, 2011
Thanks for the season. My first here on RD. Hoping something similar pops up in the future. :)
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Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
Round 6 - Taruma
Race 2
Sven-Arne Andersson vs Various. Violation of rule 6.3A. 5 points penalty.
Mark Breslin vs. Oscar Hardwick. Violation of rule 6.3A. 5 points penalty.

If drivers would like to view evidence, please contact the opposing party for either replay timestamps or videos.
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