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Misc 2015 Mod LAN/Online (English) 0.1

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Mahoutey submitted a new resource:

2015 Mod LAN/online (English) - A lite version of kyrsskos' 2015 mod for LAN/Online play.

Hi everybody.

I've been using various tools, skins and mods from RD for ages now - so I thought I should give a little something back.

As F1 2015 is such a buggy mess, I wanted a version of the 2015 game to play with my friends on 2014.

This is a lite version of kyrsskos' excellent 2015 mod, which is playable mutiplayer. It's mostly comprised of textures from his mod and an edited language file (english only, I'm afraid) to update the teams and drivers to 2015. Crucially, all...
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Great Job! It's nearly perfect.

Can you upload a version please, with none of the player helmets replaced?
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