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2012 ADAC Masters #4 "kfzteile24" SLS GT3

Skins 2012 ADAC Masters #4 "kfzteile24" SLS GT3 1.4.2

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Bernd Graf

Nov 30, 2013
Bernd Graf updated 2012 ADAC Masters #4 "kfzteile24" SLS GT3 with a new update entry:

final version updates and adjustments

Final version changes! I completely reworked the orange color to reflect the brighter, higher contrast hue on the actual car. No more flat brownish orange! I also added matte exhaust ports to reflect the corrosion on the actual car's metal. Enjoy, and get ready to race in the digital ADAC championship on Kunos' Green Hell soon!

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Chazz Ranger

Nov 21, 2014
Ha! I actually appreciate the fact you never put json files in your mods, I immediately delete them from every skin I install :D

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