2005 ford F-150 FX4


Say What?!! If I had the $$, then I'd get an F-150 vs. F430 challenge....Or, I could hot lap a track with both cars, and post the times. If I were to do such a thing....:)
But the way the truck is now, I can do 3.27 on the River....and 3.35 with the Ferrari. Maybe I am more accustomed to the trucks' handling. I don't know why or how I beat the time.
With my luck, it was an fps issue...lol!


I was wondering if anyone could reposition the gauges, and needles for the dash view? I cannot seem to get it. Right now they look out of place, and in some views there are two sets. I have no idea how to omit the doubles.....:confused:
I can post a screenie later on showing what I mean.


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I tried in the past, but you need to get better quality gauges on the actual dashboard texture, then you can reposition the needles to read off it :)


Ok, well I have some textures from my friends' truck. His is a 2005 F-150 Lariat.

I also don't know how to change them.....well let's say I will need some time on it.
I have notes somewhere..lol! Here are the same ones for you to try out in the meantime, :cool:.


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