1st pre-season testing in Barcelona

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Sep 8, 2008
Lets talk about 1st pre-season test for the 2019 season of formula 1 at Barcelona circuit.

More about it, you can follow live HERE on official F1 page.
But so far here are best laptimes:

Boss of Scuderia Ferrari Mattia Bnotto said that this year`s cars will be cca 1.5sec slower than last year`s. But according to 1st day of testing he was wrong, Vettel already came inside a second of last year`s best his own time, which was 1:17.182. Ferrari seems to be doing great again, I hope the will remain this form throughout the season.
And another said news from Williams team, they aren`t on test today, and so they won`t be tomorrow. This is surely not something the team from Grove (UK) wants.
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Jun 4, 2017
Which tyre compounds the drivers set their fastest lap on :

notes about the tyre if you didn't noticed their difference yet:
*2019 compound's operating window with their now thinner treads
  • C1 110-140°C
  • C2 110-135°C
  • C3 105-135°C
  • C4 90-120°C
  • C5 85-115°C
so it seems they all have wider operating window

* compare to last year compunds:
  • C1 = a little softer than 2018's hard
  • C2 = a little softer than 2018's Medium
  • C3 = exact softness of 2018 soft
  • C4 = a little harder than 2018 Ultrasoft
  • C5 = a little harder than 2018 Hypersoft
so they have made the 2 softest compound(C4-C5) more durable and harder , then made the 2 hardest compound(C1-C2) softer and less durable than how they were in 2018 , softening the hard ones , hardening the soft ones:D to make performance gap thinner!
also we know that Pirelli like to play safe and conservative, so when they say C5 and C4 are a little harder than 2018's hyper and ultra , maybe, maybe, maybe the C5 is just the exact 2018's ultra soft and C4 is just the exact 2018's supersoft without any modification :D and the Hypersoft is just gone.


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Oct 10, 2011
But I also have to ask...why does it appear that the top of RIC's helmet is higher than the sides of the Halo?
You are right it looks strange.
But I just think its because of the viewing angle.
There is also a pic of Magnussen where it looks like he is higher than the Halo