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01-04-2015 RaceRoom has been updated (Hotfix)

Sonat Ozturk

Sector3 Studios
Jun 12, 2013
01-04-2015 (Hotfix)

- Fixed MP servers not showing ping in MP browser.

- Fixed timing synchronization issues that caused players not to be able to see each other among other time related issues in MP sessions.

- Fixed shader compilation crash that was occurring when shadow settings were set to low/OFF.
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Apr 10, 2013
I have a big issue since downloading the Hotfix update, when going to race or practice, I can only see the rear spoiler view or left side view. What is causing this? How can I fix this? I noticed that many players are having the same issue. Is Sector 3 planning for a fix? and if yes, when can we anticipate to be available, for now I can't play Raceroom. The picture below show how I see the car in race mode, the view is from left side.