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  1. Kunos Simulazioni Sends 93-Year-Old Sim Racer a Gift

    Kunos Simulazioni Sends 93-Year-Old Sim Racer a Gift

    A popular 93-year-old former cab and dump truck driver turned sim racer has been given a care package from sim racing developer Kunos Simulazioni. Millions of people have already watched the heartwarming video of a 93-year-old retired man enjoying racing games, and now Assetto Corsa developer...
  2. Onsche

    F1 2021 F1 2021 with only one hand...WTF!

    Note for a better understanding: Hi Community! My name is Johannes and i have a body disability and as a result I can only play with one hand. All videos were recorded and played with one hand. I also use speach software that compensates for my handicap. If you have any questions in this regard...
  3. xSlayder and iRaphahell

    Old School Car From 2018 - 2021

    English: Hello ! Today I thought of posting another savegame for my summer car! The car is an OldSchool model. The car has very nice wheels, cd player, antenna, twin carburetor, new oil filter, old battery (you can change it, you can find it in the garage), clean house, beer, but you have no...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    One To Watch | Awesomely Cool Video Content: Circuits Of The Past

    Frankly, this is a pretty cool series of videos, and one I feel well worth sharing with our sim racing and motorsports community here at RaceDepartment. The other day our founder and owner@Bram Hengeveld sent me a message with a link to a YouTube channel he stumbled across called 'Circuits of...
  5. P

    RBR YouTube Clips

    hey there! i wanted to start a thread where people could post youtube clips of them playing RBR, or of their favorite clips of people playing RBR. please dont post YouTube clips of other racing games and only post RBR related content :geek: thank you!
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    I take on Jimmy Broadbent, Chris Haye and Jardier in GT4's in Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Join us for the big race this evening at 18:00 UTC, 19:00 BST, 20:00 CEST, where we will take to the track in the upcoming GT4 DLC for Assetto Corsa Competizione against sim racing influencers, Kunos developers, ACC beta testers and special guests. Two races at Brands Hatch and Zolder...
  7. Darren George

    Quick guide to setting up FFB in rFactor 2

    So after a lot of questions about FFB in rFactor 2 from new members of our league races, I made them a quick video just to explain where to start. Maybe it's of help to others so here you go.
  8. Donington Park Highlights | DTM 2002 100% Karriere | Assetto Corsa Mod

    Donington Park Highlights | DTM 2002 100% Karriere | Assetto Corsa Mod

    Unser drittes Saison Rennen führt uns nach England in den legendären Donington Park! Können wir uns den zweiten Sieg in unserer DTM 2002 100% Karriere schnappen? ►Zur MOD: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2002-dtm-championship-final-version.23193/
  9. Hockenheimring Highlights | DTM 2002 100% Karriere | Assetto Corsa Mod

    Hockenheimring Highlights | DTM 2002 100% Karriere | Assetto Corsa Mod

    ► Keinen Stream mehr verpassen: https://www.youtube.com/c/Championjoe ►Zur MOD: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2002-dtm-championship-final-version.23193/ ► Spendenlink: https://streamlabs.com/
  10. Full Attack On Bathurst In LMP1

    Full Attack On Bathurst In LMP1

    Today Buddy of mine Villian from Finland joins me in Full Attack on Bathurst in LMP1 class. I'll be using a VR Oculus headset to get the full experience. JOI...
  11. LeMans 1967 Attempt W/Friends

    LeMans 1967 Attempt W/Friends

    Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/PhilipTheTitan1 Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ Racing LeMans in 1967 was brutal but how brutal? Let's fi...
  12. GTR233

    GT Legends racing with Mushy

    Today I want to share with a you an interesting youtube channel for GTL lovers : https://m.youtube.com/user/MushyENT/videos Mushy also known as @MushyGaming is doing great videos about retro simracing such as TOCA and especially our beloved GTL :)
  13. DigiBric

    Ducati M2R YT v3 3.0

    Replace Custom Pilot
  14. Dennis Karlsson

    dkSteeringWheel 0.5

    dkSteeringWheel This is my take on the "Steering Input Display" app. This is very good when streaming on Youtube and Twitch etc.. This is a modification of these apps... Original: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/steering-input-display.11713/ Version I started from...
  15. Dennis Karlsson

    dkLaptime 0.8

    dkLaptime This app displays the current laptime and last laptime. This is very good when streaming on Youtube and Twitch etc.. Text turns red on invalid lap. Extract the file contents to the root folder of Assetto Corsa. Change font if you want. The font needs to be saved in the...
  16. Dennis Karlsson

    dkPedals 1.2

    dkPedals This app displays the pedals, handbrake, boost and FFB as vertical bars. It can also show steering input as a horizontal bar. This is very good when streaming on Youtube and Twitch etc.. or if you just want to see the pedal inputs yourself. Size and spacing is configurable. Each...
  17. davewilliams000

    FXX-K POV at Spa

    Just found this on youtube and had to share. POV video of someone absolutely gunning a Ferrari FXX-K around Spa! :inlove::inlove: Watch out for the power-oversteer out of T1! :D:D
  18. ConectiON

    Sergey Sirotkin 2018 Helmet 1.2

    This is my next mod for 2018 season. Helmet of Sergey Sirotkin. #Update 1.2 - Changed ORIS and JCB logos - More rounded edges - More smooth textures #Update 1.1 - Changed Acronis logo - Right number positions PS: If you don't know how to install mod, just ask don't give me bad reputation...
  19. jackmsc11

    LocuraJack racing texture 1.0

    hey yall! this is a cool texture i made for locurajack
  20. jackmsc11

    BLACKHALLOW livery v1.1

    I hope you all show your support for blackhallow, and maybe he will find this livery! more updates coming in the future! v1.1