1. Whalenap

    Valune Racing Ferrari F488 GT3 1.0

    Hi there, here I am with a new skin. This time for Ferrari F488 GT3, but not the latest evo model. As you will see if you try to customize it, my original version is based on the full-carbon body but you can swap the livery scheme in order to use your own color for the raw carbon parts and...
  2. Whalenap

    Vortex Compétition Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo 1.0

    This livery is a full personnal creation, for it does not aim to look like any existing design. The main idea was to display a real traditional french blue (close to Alpine blue, as a consequence) However, I did not totally start from scratch, as the scheme is an ACC basic livery for this...
  3. arkloh

    Aston Martin TFSport 24H daytona 1.0


    Arasaka - 2019 Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo (Cyberpunk 2077) 0.3

    Made by K0DACHR0ME
  5. V

    The Rotary 3 Righto Racing Team v1

    Introducing fictional Righto "lights". I created a new logo for the team using similiar font as in the sponsor. I will propably change it if I get better ideas.
  6. Whalenap

    RTSH Pennzoil AMR V12 Vantage 1.0

    This livery is a fictionnal skin designed as a tribute for Pennzoil liveries. As an absolute fan of yellow agressive designs for race cars, I hope you will enjoy this skin as much as I enjoyed crafting it ! HOW TO USE : To install this skin, simply extract the downloaded archive in the...
  7. arkloh

    Lexus In da House 1.1

  8. S

    JCB Racing Point F1 Team skin 1.01

    Looks dodgy on one side but yolo
  9. K

    Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 - costum Wedssport sponsor skin 1

    hey guys feel free to use this livery! if you use this on a video or photo would be appreciated if you mentioned this Resource, thanks
  10. A

    mx5 red and carbon 1

  11. Samue

    Alpinestars Yellow Suit For Motogp Custom Rider 1.0

    for those who prefer Alpinestars in Dainese, but still love the yellow details, here are the yellow suits, in the Dainese style, the other classes will soon arrive (style similar to VR46, but not the same for a personal style fact) Ps.screenshot is in rar file
  12. Samue

    Dainese Motogp Yellow Suit For Custom Rider 1.0 final

    Hi, this is the first mod I load, I wanted to start from something simple, so I made the suits of the custom pilot, in VR46 style, so with yellow details, I used the Dainese, but soon I will also do the Alpinestars. (Soon out for the other classes too) Hope you like it;)
  13. Peter Roche Racing

    2020 Renault Sport F1 Team - Fantasy Livery (Car, Suits) 1.00

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: A new Renault livery for the next season. The car is moslty yellow with black logos and some small black elements like the shark fin and...
  14. DarXtreme

    Porsche Flash Racing #64 2019-07-26

    Only a fanatsy livery with real brands logo, made for fun during this afternoon. Have fun! Install the skin at assettocorsa/content/cars/ks_porsche_911_gt3_r_2016/skins In the archive you will find also some screens for your desktop If you like this work, check out my Instagram profile (...
  15. schoden

    BMW Z4 GT3 // 24H- Team Abgefahren II 2019-01-09

    #Another official Abgefahren-Skin for the 2019 VR Endurance Season. Enjoy and wish us luck for a good result!
  16. shadow118

    Nismo R33 400R JUN Super Lemon 1.0

    JUN Super Lemon livery for the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33) Nismo 400R from the Gentle Mind Performance Japan Pack (just google it) The livery is not an exact replica of a single livery, as I couldn't really find a specifc one from multiple angles and it looks like the livery itself has changed a...
  17. II-WalkerGer-II

    RedRacer Porsche 911 R GT3 - GF1L Season 1 1.0

    This is the skin that I used for the GF1L GT3 league season 1. Since I recently uploaded my skin for season 3 I thought why not share the old car as well. Won a few races with it and it carried me all the way to season 1 champion, so this one is pretty dear to my heart. Hope you like it. This...
  18. Patcha

    Ferrari SF70H - Patcha Pack 1.0

    Hi all! I show you my Ferrari SF70H Patcha Pack! As already happened before for Ferrari F138 and SF15-T, finally I brought my Patcha Pack on SF70H, too! Actually I'm a bit late, because I was already working on it from last year and I had issues with my old PC and broadcasting. But better late...
  19. Patcha

    Ferrari SF15-T - Patcha Pack 1.0

    Hi all! I show you my Ferrari SF15-T Patcha Pack! As already happened before for Ferrari F138, finally I brought my Patcha Pack on SF15-T, too! Actually I'm a bit late, because I was already working on it from last year. But better late than nothing! And also now I wanna explore SF70H and F2004...
  20. clemfox69

    Abarth 500 2017 facelift 2017-08-31

    Skin for the Abarth 500