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  1. Top 10 | Tips to ensure your PC is running right for sim racing

    Top 10 | Tips to ensure your PC is running right for sim racing

    At RaceDepartment, we wanted to share some Microsoft Windows tips - yes maybe not the sexiest article ever, but this article might help you get your PC running great again. Does your gaming PC run as fast as it should,? Is it running slower than it used to? Then this is the article for you...
  2. W

    VPP Pedals

    Hello, My nephew got some VPP pedals, but windows gives an error on the usb-driver. Where can I find windows 10 drivers (64bit)? Thanks in advance!
  3. bodyx

    Ferrari 488 GT3 - Microsoft Edge Racing Team 1.0

    Hello everybody! I present you this livery that I created for Assetto Corsa: the Microsoft Edge Racing Team livery for the Ferrari 488 GT3. I hope you like it! Thanks in advance to all of you who will download this livery!!! INSTALLATION Open the zip file you downloaded which includes the 20_...
  4. L

    How to pin Fanatec Wheel Property Page to Start Menu

    I keep all my sim racing programs in a start group in Windows 10. I wanted to add the Fanatec Wheel Property Page which resides on my desktop to this start group. Sadly, Windows 10 did not give me that option. The Pin To Start option was not available for the desktop icon. But I figured out how...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    FM7 Forza Motorsport Garage Reveal Six - 'Forza Edition'

    The penultimate Forza Motorsport 7 car reveal is live, this time with a focus on the renamed 'Forza Edition' custom specials... We all know the Forza series of games is just as much about collecting and modding cars as it is the on=track product, and with over 700 machines due to form the...
  6. P

    Race 07 on win10

    :mad: for anyone having crashing issues or the game not loading in windows 10. Right click on the exe file in your directory mine is the following yours will be different. S:\Steam\SteamApps\common\race 07 right click - Race_Steam.exe Properties Go to Compatibility Click Square: Run this...
  7. Paul Jeffrey

    Forza Horizon 3

    Forza Motorsport have announced details of the third instalment of the popular Forza Horizon game due to hit the stores on Tuesday September 27th. Featuring an impressive 350 vehicles and a variety of pre order bonus content the new Forza title already looks a safe bet to eclipse sales of the...