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WetFX road for Fonteny Tourist and 2-way 2020-02-21

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To get even more immersion into the scenery of Fonteny I made a wet overlay for the road surface. It works best if CSP and Sol are active, the wet variant of "surfaces.ini" in the layout`s "data" subfolder is present and the "Dirty" is selected for track condition. To have spray generated behind the cars you can select one of the wet Sol weathers before starting the session.
CM wet.jpg

To adjust the brightness of the spray (mostly matters for the clear weathers) use
Sol part.jpg

Bear in mind that sliders have effect from the next session onwards.

Install: make sure the track is in working condition and then unzip "WetFX road for Fonteny Tourist and 2-way" in "Mods" subfolder in the root of the AC game. Use JSGME to enable or disable this add-on. In case of troubles connecting online while loading a modified layout - disable this through JSGME to have the original files restored.

Of course "extension" subfolder has a role to play in this and it has to be present in the respective layout for the wetFX to work in CSP and make the road change from wet to dry in sync with Sol. It doesn`t replace the default config for the whole track but works along with it.

Happy driving!
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