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wangan midnight

  1. mdjfs

    Skins 300zx z31 help

    What's up? Looking to create a skin for z31 and I saw some tutorials about handle .dds files and something like that. But the problem is... The dds file for this z31 is a hell. I can't do anything with that. I just do something simple in the wangan midnight style like that: In theory it's...
  2. Vegetable Tsai

    Wangan Midnight Arcade HUD 1.0

    V1.0 doesn't come with Tachometer and Boost Gauge, you can download these instead: Initial D Arcade Tachometer Initial D Arcade Boost Gauge Features in V1.0: WMMT Gear app WMMT Speed app WMMT Records app WMMT Map app (Doesn't display the map, should overlap to official Track Map app.) WMMT...
  3. ebizoo2

    Wangan Midnight maximum tune HUD 0.2

    Thanks to vegetable studios. If you have IDAS6hud, you have to delete it and replace assettocorsa/apps/python/IDAS6hud You should install this too. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ka0s-dashboard.2832/ https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/boost-gauge.17575/ If you have ideas for it...