vr support

  1. rikirk

    VR (HTC Vive) settings for best performance after most recent updates

    I am struggling to find any help here and at rF2 in the following areas to improve my experience for racing online. All the info are confusing and not up to date. 1. NVidia Control Panel (i.e. AA on or off?) 2. Steam VR SS (I am on 1.3 now using Asynchronous Reprojection only) 3. Game Settings...
  2. S

    Oculus rift with this computer setup ?

    Hi Guys, im really interested to buy oculus rift for assetto corsa, im just not sure if my computer can handle it FPS @ high/ultra settings on 1080p in assetto corsa without oculus rift is around 100-120 stable. Computer : i5-4690k @ 3,5ghz AS-Rock Z97 Pro4 8 gb DDR3-1600 msi geforce 970 4GB...
  3. Dave R

    MXGP Pro

    MXGP Pro is out. Anyone else pick it up?
  4. C

    Mid Race Save/CPU Sleep with VR

    I'm wondering if anyone has tips or resources on how to manage long VR stints. It's frustrating that certain titles that I enjoy do not have mid-race save features for various reasons. VR is great, but after 1-2 hours I need to take a break, pause a race, but the headset and my computer...