1. Proton29

    Super Max Circuit 1.01

    Based on an interview with Max Verstappen and an article posted in a Dutch magazine, I used this information to create Max Verstappen's Dream Circuit. Image of article below. I created my own layout, one which I think makes more sense than the article, where all the sections and corners are in...
  2. S

    Max Verstappen Porsche Cayman GT4 1.0

    I recreated the livery that Verstappen used at the trackday in his documentary
  3. iancurtis

    Mitsubishi Lancer - Red Bull | Group A 1.1

    Livery for the Max Attack 2 Versions: #11 and #33 Installation - Copy the PNG-Files into: Steam\steamapps\common\artofrally\artofrally_Data\StreamingAssets\Liveries\group a\the max attack\ All liveries were made from scratch by my own - no conversion or copy. I don't mind if you modify the...
  4. RasmusGeertsen

    F1 2020 All Drivers Helmet Template V2

    Here is a template for all the 20 drivers base helmet design for you to mod or use yourself! I have removed all the sponsors so they can be modified to fit another team or use as inspiration for your helmet design. There is also a folder with visor attachments for every team Update -Leclerc's...
  5. 7thFEROX

    F1 2020 Driver Pictures 2.0

    I primarily made this for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 skins. Someone did this for 2018, 2019 and I've always really liked the idea. I've included all the current drivers + Robert Kubica (photoshopped from 2019). I can't see any future updates but maybe if F1 updates their pictures with the...
  6. S

    V8 Supercar (Holden ZB) Redbull Max Verstappen 1.0

    I recreated the skin Max Verstappen used in the v8 supercar esport iracing event
  7. Kamiklaasie

    Verstappen helmet 2020 for the ACSPRH mod 1.0

    Verstappen helmet 2020 for the ACSPRH mod. Big thanks to the ACSPRH mod makers!! Download the mod ACSPRH from Race department under the following link: Install the mod as discribed in their readme files...
  8. Moustagua

    CLASSIC HELMET for F1 2019: Jos VERSTAPPEN 1994 2020-03-09

    If you like my work, please feel free to make a donation. Click here: Here is 1994 Jos VERSTAPPEN’s helmet at BENETTON. Installation: In F1 2019 the helmet textures files are located in several ERP files. To correctly use the helmet in the game you have to replace all the 6 files in each erp...
  9. DaddeRaga

    Max Verstappen 2020 Helmet 1.1

    Max Verstappen 2020 Helmet (Based on the pr shoot earlier this week) If you have any question contact me in the discussion area up here, do not leave a bad review, with a high chance the problem you will have can be fixed. DaddeRaga
  10. Dimitar Vitanov

    Max Verstappen 2020 helmet 2020-01-27

    You are allowed to include the helmet in any livery/season mod, but don't forget to credit :) Max Verstappen 2020 helmet reviews and feedback appreciated Installation guide in download
  11. S

    Max Verstappen/Red Bull skin for Ferrari 312T 1.0

    This is the first skin I upload to RD, I hope you like it
  12. Peter Roche Racing

    Max Verstappen Custom Red Bull Orange Helmet & Cap 1.00

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: New helmet & cap for Max Verstappen. You can download the face here...
  13. ThcMotorsport

    RedBull RB15 livery for Vantage GTE 1.0

    Livery of Red Bull RB15 adapted for Aston Martin Vantage GTE 2018. Got the idea from @Hoksu Mods go check them out, link below:
  14. ItzzAdr14n

    Red Bull RB15 1.0

    Hello everyone! Here's my RB15 mod for F1 2015. Uses the stock Red Bull chassis and includes numbers for Verstappen and Gasly. Issues include: No Aston Martin logo on both sides of the rear wing Esso logo is also on the front wing The Mobil 1 logo is also copied to the rear wing Red Bull logo...
  15. AlexBfromG

    F1 2020 Zandvoort Heineken Grand Prix Tracksin 1.33

    Welcome to the Heineken Dutch GP 2020! ENJOY!!!!!! includes bonus loading screen
  16. Dimitar Vitanov

    Max Verstappen 2019 helmet 1.0

    ALEXA, PLAY "GUESS WHO'S BACK" *back again* -NOTE - the number 33 isn't on the helmet, because irl it's on the fin of the helmet, which isn't in the game!!!!!! You are allowed to include the helmet in any livery/season mod, but don't forget to credit :) Max Verstappen 2019 helmet reviews and...
  17. pablotill

    Orange is the new black Bull (Fantasy OrangeBull - RED BULL) 2018-10-30 V1

    This mod doesn't work online The "orangebull" of max verstappen. Orange and black. Only the number 33 is painted by orange. I wish you like it :D If you like please rate it.
  18. Paul Jeffrey

    Vettel Blames Verstappen for Japanese Grand Prix Clash

    Having seen his championship challenge all but end in Japan, Sebastian Vettel places the blame for his early spin firmly at the foot of Red Bull driver Max Verstappen... Sebastian Vettel had a race to forget at Suzuka today, finishing in an eventful sixth position that all but ended any...
  19. PandaPandect

    Austria Max Verstappen Special helmet 1.0

    Specuial Helmet Max Verstappen Austria
  20. josap11

    Formula One in the news

    So, I was watching some YouTube videos on my Chromecast yesterday evening and when I went to disconnect and go to bed I got a recommended Play Newsstand article from CNN on my screen as shown below. Whilst Hülkenberg did say that and the headline is correct, I find it a little misleading and...