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Who will win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix?

  • Max Verstappen

    Votes: 851 49.4%
  • Lewis Hamilton

    Votes: 750 43.6%
  • Other Driver

    Votes: 120 7.0%

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    American Truck Sim: US Traffic Lights

    A hot topic for any trucking fan - SCS Software have given some interesting insight into the big redesign of traffic signals in American Truck Simulator. Ok, I'm being a little bit tongue-in-cheek when I suggested that traffic lights have much in the way of controversy in modern driving...
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    ETS2 Beyond the Baltic Sea Map Expansion Previews

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    Got Wood? 10-4 Good Buddy! American Truck Simulator Previews.

    American Truck Simulator continues to be an exceptionally popular game on the Steam Charts, and these new industry previews indicate bigger things are still to come.... Ok, ok, that's enough of that then people.. lets be serious for a second shall we? SCS Software have worked wonders with both...
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Industry! New ETS 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea Previews Revealed...

    Everyone likes a nice picture of places of work, represented in digital form... don't they? With the upcoming 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' map expansion for European Truck Simulator 2 well on the way to completion over at SCS Software, the developers have decided the time feels right to do another...