1. Saud

    ADDONS For Brooklyn Park [Track] 1

    ADDONS For Brooklyn Park [Track] includes -AI SPLINE -Minimap fix -Cameras Made by Saud with help from Rapty <3
  2. PolyGone

    Fourth/quad Monitor Leaderboard and Infoscreen 1.0

    IMPORTANT! This dash will work on any title so it's not limited to AC. RD does not have a section for game agnostic resources so I decided to place it in the AC section. Hi all, I've allways found the leaderboard that comes with Simhub as standard to be a bit too bright for my taste so I made...
  3. Óscar Melero

    Automobilista HUD: "Case_Fox" Layout 2.0

    I found the trackmap distracting at the top right zone. I needed help from @Martin Fiala because he did a very good layout exchanging the positions between trackmap and timing. I improved it a little bit by giving space for the two things at the left side of the screen. So that's why I called it...