texture mod

  1. D

    My Summer Car Black Fittan Texture 0

    Black Fittan Texture Mod
  2. abrimaal

    Veschova 2018 discontinued

    Giallo, Carsay here. VESCHOVA 2018 This track is a re-textured Birmingham. Because the street layout resembled the ſtadt where I live, I made this mod for fun and to learn how to struggle with tracks. The project is discontinued. I gave up when I realized that so many objects don't use 1x1...
  3. DrLimerep

    Long Beach billboards and visuals 0.5

    A 2019 revision for the otherwise excellent Long Beach conversion by Terra21. Still W.I.P. but I've decided to release it as is rather than sitting on it. The most obvious change is a swap of Toyota branding for Acura and revised color scheme for curbs and tents. In addition, adverts and...
  4. DrLimerep

    RSS GTN interior texture update pack 1.02

    Here are some updated textures to use with your GTN skins. Contains realistic branding for the Ferruchio and Darche, along with some interior options such as seat belt colors. For full extent; see the readme file. And skinners - feel free to include them in your mods :) Kudos to the...
  5. Instevs36

    Eifel Betonschleife & Sudstrecke Textures Pack 60s v1.0 2019-05-11

    Hi, I present you a texture pack valid for both circuit Eifel Betonschleife and Südschleife mod by Sergio Loro Web page of his work https://www.f3classictracks.com/ Links circuits below - Eifel Betonschleife https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/eifel-betonschleife.26447/ or...
  6. NitruousFab

    General White border from trees

    Hello Guys and Girls I'm going crazy to cut out perfectly in Photoshop or .Net. I can't get rid of the white border on some trees which have a white background. It is soo easy to remove, that it is so easy to get the white borders. I tried also with alpha stuff in nodes under blender. :( No...
  7. abrimaal

    Thruxton 1985 for Race 07 2019-04

    This is a texture mod giving an impression of playing a retro arcade game. The used textures come from 8- and 16-bit games and scene productions. The limit "1985" means that no games, computers and consoles produced after 1985 are advertised on the billboards, but the textures may come even from...
  8. Instevs36

    Circuit de Pau Full Tracks Textures Pack v1.0 2018-12-29

    Hi, A pack of textures for all the circuit Grand Prix of the city of Pau. Mods circuits available here: Author: Ginot Team Historic Pau Circuit 1967 1.0 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/circuit-de-pau-historique-1967.15617/ Historic Pau Circuit 1974 1.0...
  9. K

    Dark Rear Lights 2018-10-18

    This mod darkens your rear lights in a very cool way. Installation: You need Unity Assets Explorer to install the mod. Extract file into sharedassets1, then open Asset 1 with UAE, right click car_lights_tga.tex. Replace with dds file. Save the file as asset1.