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Long Beach billboards and visuals

Long Beach billboards and visuals 0.5

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A 2019 revision for the otherwise excellent Long Beach conversion by Terra21. Still W.I.P. but I've decided to release it as is rather than sitting on it.


The most obvious change is a swap of Toyota branding for Acura and revised color scheme for curbs and tents. In addition, adverts and billboards are largely brought up to 2019 standard and upscaled where necessary, but there are still some kinks to iron out in that department. Some textures that are a bit, shall we say, challenging! So take it for what it is.

To do:
Finish up the graphics on the Port of Long Beach banners.
Swap around some logos and billboards that are misplaced.
Update some more trackside objects.
Straight out some nooks and crannies on existing textures.


Latest reviews

how do I install this?
Great job, thank you.
where do these files go?
Great job, thanks a lot!
Thank you very much for posting this file. Because of this I did find Terra21's Youtube channel with all his tracks.
exactly what this track needed!
Thank you. Looking forward to more updates.
Great update to this track, really appreciate your efforts. Look forward to future updates.
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