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t500 rs

  1. prceurope

    FFB Settings w T500rs - AMS2 feeling?

    Hey guys! I love RF2 and AMS2, and wondering how to get more road feel on a T500RS. AMS2 has some custom settings files from the community that do a great job with engine vibration, road textures and braking, which make RF2 feel a bit uncommunicative now, by comparison. Any tips would be much...
  2. F

    Thrustmaster brakemod bracket and gas springs

    Getting a basic sim rig going, and for this I got myself the Trustmaster T500 RS pedals. I got them second hand and unfortunately the “realistic brake mod” bracket was nor included. If someone have this piece for sale, please let me know. I have also studied various brake mods, and I came up...
  3. mothabrain

    steering 1:1 transmission

    hey guys, perhaps someone knows how to set this one straight. i own a tm500rs and use it with 1080° steering on default. since ac or other racing games are able to pick up the right degree of steering i wonder why it doesn't work for dr2. for instance if u steer right for 90 degrees to the...
  4. mrbungle83

    Sell T500 RS & T3PA Pro Pedals

    I am selling my T500 RS and T3PA pro pedals, they have been great and work perfectly I just changed to CSL elite setup because I really wanted some of the fanatec wheels. Condition is good the pedals have some sock polish and the wheel has some minor marks the base is perfect. I dont have...