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steering problem

  1. Jan209

    PC2 PC2 Wheel/Tire Bug with Fanatec CSL Elite

    Hello everyone, I´ve found a huge Bug in Project Cars 2 but i dont know how to solve it... When im Driving a regular round on any race Track, after 5-10 maybe 15 minutes my Fanatec Wheel block everything and just hit with full speed to the right Steering angle.. I didn´t found anything on...
  2. A

    Steering speed sensitivity gone?

    Hello, i've been playing for a while and I use mouse steering and sometimes keyboard (don't tell me to buy a wheel or controller) for steering. for some reason i got a speed sensitivity feature on keyboard (i realized it was a controller exclusive feature because there's no setting for it on...
  3. BathonUK

    Huge and very strange problem with steering in Assetto Corsa.

    Hi guys, How are you? I have a big problem with Assetto Corsa and actually, I am not able to play it. Let me explain. I play mostly Dirt Rally, however, some time ago I decided to try other games as well. I have downloaded illegal version of Assetto Corsa to check it out and then my problems...