Huge and very strange problem with steering in Assetto Corsa.

Hi guys,

How are you? I have a big problem with Assetto Corsa and actually, I am not able to play it. Let me explain. I play mostly Dirt Rally, however, some time ago I decided to try other games as well. I have downloaded illegal version of Assetto Corsa to check it out and then my problems started. When I am in the game the steering sensitivity is going crazy. I can turn my wheel (Logitech G29) quarter of a turn and it is 3/4 in the game which makes it unplayable. I have tried to play a little with settings, but it seems that it doesn't make a difference. I have also tried to change settings in Logitech software with no success. I thought that it may be caused by the illegal version of the Assetto Corsa, so I bought Ultimate Version, just to find out that I have the same problem. Again, I have tried everything. I have also tried to use content manager and I don't know how, but I have managed to be able to play once or twice with normal working steering. I have also noticed, that this steering problem is random. Once it was ok and then I went alt+enter to go to my desktop and when I came back to the game it was bad again. I totally don't understand what can cause it.
Other games work fine. Project cars 1 and 2 are ok. The only problem with them is that when I play PC 1 or 2, they change something in the register of Windows and when I go back to Dirt Rally my wheel is recognized as a gamepad. I found a solution for that which is quite easy. All I have to do is to change one line in windows registry. That is also a reason why I don't play these games. Also, after playing project cars 2 I found out that this game, for some reason, has deleted drt.exe file which forced me to reinstall Dirt Rally. Dirt rally, dirt rally 2.0 and WRC 8 are not causing any problems.

Do you know what could I do to run Assetto Corsa? I really wish to play that game, but I don't know what else could I try to fix it.
I am using Logitech G29 with inverted pedals, Arduino DIY handbrake, 7 rumble motors and a wind simulator with SimHub Software. I have windows 10.
I will appreciate any help. Thank you