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skoda 130rs

  1. Soencoe78

    Skoda Fabia R5 (120LX/130LR) Retro Skin 1.0

    In honor of the Skoda 130LR, based on the plans and instructions of B.Roland, a competitor of the Hungarian Virtual Rally Championship. If you like my work, please donate for more projects. Please do not edit or change it without my permission!
  2. MrBraindown

    Fantasy Skins for the Skoda 130 RS 1

    I love this car..... its the most fun you can have with 4 gears. Stunning handling, really close racing, mad, mischievous AI - what's not to like? You can download the car here I wanted to create a much needed Skoda 130RS World Championship. I was screaming for one, the sim racing world was...
  3. abrimaal

    Skoda 110R 110RS 130RS for Race 07 201911

    Skoda 110R 130RS for Race 07, GTR Evo, ATCC version 201911 Converted from GTR2 by Carsay. Original author: unknown, no info file inside the folder. The car starts in two classes. Skoda 110 starts in Race 1976 (with Ford Escort, Renault 12, FIAT 850) Skoda 130 starts in GT 1975 (with Ford...