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Skoda 110R 110RS 130RS for Race 07

Skoda 110R 110RS 130RS for Race 07 201911

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Skoda 110R 130RS for Race 07, GTR Evo, ATCC
version 201911

Converted from GTR2 by Carsay.
Original author: unknown, no info file inside the folder.

The car starts in two classes.
Skoda 110 starts in Race 1976 (with Ford Escort, Renault 12, FIAT 850)
Skoda 130 starts in GT 1975 (with Ford Capri, Porsche 911, BMW M1)
There are more unused engines in the folder. The most of them were too slow to compete.
Skoda 110R is still too slow (accelerates slowly, is good for long tracks).

The street version differs not only by car details and engine. The driver is unique, without a helmet. I had a problem to adjust the head position to headphysics. Temporarily the head is fixed to the body in the street version.

Differently than GTR2 version, this car uses only one .cas file. All the variants of the car, cockpit and driver are defined in GenString.
There are also more colors of car body, interior and driver body compared to the GTR2 version.

(the helmet color is already updated)
skoda 110R factor6 b.png

skoda 110R driver.png



skoda 110R rain moscow.png

skoda 110R 12 logo green.png
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Had hours of fun with this. The 130 drifts manically and is so much fun for racing, where the 110 is very slow and, once you've sorted the gearing out, is great fun for good old fashioned bumper car antics. Absolutely worth getting
Thank you
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